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Sananda Speaks - A new manuscript. Government + Spiritual politics from a space renegade. Written by Brendan S.

Now Released / Available: "The Alien Fighting Diaries" by Brendan S

A four-part book series, I wrote since I was a teenager, since the story started when I was very young ..

Moon Story by Brendan S (complete novella) - last of the series

The Identified Patient - [by Brendan S]

The ENGINEER - a book on the truth - by Brendan S

The Vaporized Man - by Brendan S

I've experienced people under the influence of negative mind control (Alien Mind Control) and felt the effects of their disturbing behavior, my entire life.

These books are actual diaries of my life, inter-involved in chatrooms, in the work-place, and in other places / and realms, so to speak.

I wrote these all while I was pretty high.



I just set this up to make obvious how my thinking is now, and where I am at, with the most updated writing I have on a single page.

Writing is a thing I do naturally, so I just needed to start this page for myself, and a few other people.

Latest thing I've thought about:

Learning How To Act Again

Divination exercises, real magic practice, and a lot of invention can take place whenever you would take on the task of proving the reality you know, as "already" -- instead of more.

As though temperament seems so much like the best thing in the world, the reality of simply "anything" is usually The best there is.

The mistakeless process of a personage to whom can sing with the lightness as well as strength in their power to muse with the nature of someone who truly knows the power of their own "achievements as well as mistakes" -- the reality inter-conquisite, with this concept, is usually a better idea than the style of concept interwoven into someone who is merely "writing" or merely "talking" or expressing in a form of drama, or genre that is based on the media, or realm alone:

Whereas, reality is a multidimensional ideal to those to whom know this realm, we know that there is a lot of power still left in the idea of someone who knows how the realest reality is your own, you should not consider the ideas or needs of another person when in specific you are a trained actor, and in another lifetime you are re-learning how to act, or be in a movie.

The first step is eye-contact, where in the true transference of information, the best and most pure wave is always direct.

The directive of a wave needed in the trans-presence of someone who knows that someone else is watching, is also like-key to the needs of another actor.

We should know that everyone is alike, in the world of acting.

Knowing that "your underpants are His underpants" is the truth of the wardrobe.

We all share the same things.

One rule, of the "realest" things you can do, as an actor, is admit this.

The truth is that a lot'f people have appeared naked before an audience before, and we must all -- sometimes, like the hidden name of the very Jade Emperor himself, appear naked sometimes, due to the mere nature of the needs of sexuality, or media itself, i n a dawning new age of love and media, where the music or movies -- can only compare so much to the "after-hour needs" or be-hind-the-scenes, needs, of a person such as any well-trained fortress of the human body, who is a model for the eyes of others, as well as the ears, and many other perceptions, as opposed to only one sense alone.

Further, people who compete in the field of media, do not have any way of competing with an artist who is a renaissance artist that is so multidimensional as to prove themselves entirely through acting out of all media-forms, and rise the highest through acting alone.

In this day and age, this is so.

The truth of acting being the highest form of power, also, in the wave of modern-day fringes of "agreement" are powerful forms of consciousness we share, also, when we are agreeing on future-tronic ideas (imagining the future), we might say or speak things in similar language, or agree on a word, feeling, expression, or symbol alone i n a united feeling, because we share both the feeling, and the unique feelings also associated with this, that are other feelings we also share, through the one feeling alone.

A "only sense based reality" is not good for some people, so there are different types of actors since some people are not trained to be only musicians or only actors.

I know that actors are sometimes musicians, who are well-trained and good at speaking and being in public, so it is needed that they express themselves more in person, and in opinion, even if they don't think so --

The need for more opinion from artists such as musicians is generally necessary, also, if you wish to argue only using your own music or "spiritual forms of media" -- because this heresy is only good for some people, such as mystics, saints, or wizards, and unlike some girls -- modernday witches like a girl such as Laura Stevenson, we can not all be witches who sing radio-songs on Youtube, with lyrics like, "that telepathy aint no good for you, while my sun shines forever-thine..!" making no sense, yet praying endlessly to their nameless Gods nonetheless, to spite all forms of media, merely because of "the imagination" -- which is elemaentary, and really just the one realm of their own mind itself compared to every other realm and represents the narcissistic needs of a person like Hitler, to rule or dominate a field with only their imagination, bereft of awareness of all of the senses.
People like this are tragic, and as a good actor, we should never keep people like that in our circle.

If you have someone who thinks this way, tell them how you feel about their beliefs as much as you possibly can.

I will be sure, also, to keep myself updated on the movies I need to see, or latest things in the world I love through the vantage of my eyes, as an actor, such as when certain people think that they've got a reason to keep me out of their mind, or I have a reason to keep them out of my mind while I am researching or learning something through VR, the inter-experience of "VR" itself, since I already know and totally understand VR -- from my entire life, though these lessons are over, I now have moved far beyond the mere need to learn VR, to onscreen forms of past-life regression, "some" progression, or present, and karma-based therapy, while also endeavoring to try and meet and connect with people "honestly" through my real nature, which is not acting at all.

My real self is faster, and more present ..

I also don't usually try to be funny.

I think that people are unique, and I still think this.

The truths you learn through film, or movie-acting is a special experience for people who are inter-experiencing reality with other people you know.

The sociopaths you meet along the way to becoming a good actor are usually necessary to expose when you find out they're criminals, also .. so even though you're just an actor, the idea that it is still necessary to weed out hackers and bad people is still a natural process, also, of your research, so even though it seems sad to fake the idea of your own niceness, research itself is also necessary to prove you still need to "act" in order to go undercover, in order to deal with these people.

I've met several people in the world of the media who do not know I am a musician, who think I am a actor, or only a musician, and vice versa.

The people who under-assume my power, in the field of media, in general, because I know a lot of girls along the lines of net-based relationships is natural to me, but now I know an exceptional and vaster array of beautiful girls, I might be forced to act even more due to the connection, people question me more, and I am mocked more in the tech field because of this arena of expression -

Though, I think laws are changing, and I always was a teenage-style renegade, I think of myself as evolving, still, in spite of the judgments in the media.

People are aware of the factuality we "evolve" at all -- since it is a word in the English dictionary, and I make the general focus of a lot of my work, and actual evolution usually based on this word, essentially.

I am working on proving a lot in the movies I make, even though I don't "have a habit of making movies" that are legit movies, like a funded hollywood movie, or any full-length feature, I still practice, and I am learning what I like best about film.

I know I want a new camera ..

And, I think I like the idea of involving my engineering in the movies I make, more.

The expression of thinking out loud, I've learned, is "rarely safe." -- I also know I despise my own anger, so this is working toward forcing me to be a musician more, where it is obvious how that will make my life be eventually.

I know that acting and movies are fun, so I keep trying, even when I get angry.

The "many takes" principle is good with me.

I like the actors in the industry right now, and for the most part I always think there are at least one or two cool people in hollywood.

The movies I make are actually usually sci-fi oriented, but I involve drugs less, because I know this was a problem in my life, the upspring of drug-abuse in movies was so popular, I wanted to change the image of drugs themselves, but I now see how pointless this is getting, due to people trying to alter my view of "themselves" based on my DNA studies, in a weirdly-observed way of looking at things -- as though "sense-altering" is their view of how to behold reality, to simply alter or change the mind of another is the drug to some American people, who simply enjoy 'entertainment' as their drug, which is a general paradigm for merely thinking, in itself, that is nothing more than a creative meditation, misrecognized.

Most recent work:

The Night Of The X (On Holography ..) - by Brendan S

Waves Of Consciousness by Brendan S new

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